Dale Lendrum, R. Dudley Boyce Outstanding Student

Dale Lendrum pursued a lifelong dream of attending college after overcoming a 30 year addiction to hard core drugs and the criminal lifestyle that often accompanies it.

Enrolling at Golden West College, Dale shared his story with anyone and everyone in the hope that it would inspire them to overcome the obstacles in their lives, motivate them to achieve greatness, and to provide a greater understanding as to how the selfless service of one towards another changes lives.

Overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of love and support he received from his campus, Dale looked for a way to give back and “pay it forward” serving the Student Body for nearly 4 years.

As a Student Senator, A.S. Treasurer, and A.S. President, Dale worked tireless hours in addition to his studies to ensure that GWC students were being provided the best educational services possible during a time of unprecedented budget cuts to higher education.

From emptying smelly recycling containers on campus to addressing the California Senate Sub-Committee on Education Finance in the State’s Capitol, Dale proved there was no task too great or small that he wasn’t willing to do for his fellow students.

Academically, through hard work, determination and the limitless support of others, Dale was able to achieve Permanent Membership status in the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society, Sigma Pi Chapter where he has also served as Treasurer, Public Relations Officer and Vice President.

Dale has been accepted to the highly regarded Communication Studies Program at CSULB and hopes to return to a community college to teach one day.

Dale credits his family for keeping him alive long enough to learn how to live again and the love of his life, Anna, for risking it all in the belief that a man could change his stars.