Meet John Hehl

On a typical day, you will find John Hehl surfing the south side of the Huntington Beach pier, sometimes with friends like pro surfer Brett Simpson. At times, when the waves are too big for the average surfer, John will be the only one out. After surfing, he works his shift at R.E.I. then heads to Golden West College for his evening classes.

John just completed his prerequisites for the Nursing Program and has good things to say about GWC.  “I’ve been to other colleges, including a CSU, and Golden West has the best Science Department. All of the teachers are great. In fact, I believe that by taking Mr. Baker’s Anatomy class I was able to get an ‘A’ in my Physiology class.”

John’s goal is to become a nurse or physicians assistant and ultimately earn a Masters Degree. John is just as passionate about his career goal as he is about surfing because they go hand in hand.  “I want to work with the underprivileged in a clinic at a remote location or island . . . where the surfing is good, of course!