Patricia Scaplen – Employee of the Month, April 2012

Her grandmother was a school nurse, so it’s no surprise to see Pat Scaplen following in her footsteps as Staff Aide in our Student Health Center.  Pat’s is the first face you see when you walk in the door, a “Jill” of all trades, serving as receptionist, keeping files and time cards, and even fixing computers, printers and copiers if she can.  She is a certified Medical Assistant who used to teach at Bryman.  She worked as a Health Aide at a middle school, did back and front office work at OCC, and will be graduating this month with an AA in Science from GWC, after 5 years of taking evening classes with instructors she praises highly.  How exciting!

Pat’s history with the Coast District goes back 16 years and includes part-time positions at OCC before taking the full-time position here in 2005.  She served on the Planning and Budget Committee in her early years, but is now “lucky to get lunch,” so committee involvement is a thing of the past.  Her favorite part of her job?    … how friendly and helpful everyone is on campus.

An avid reader, Pat enjoys mysteries and may share some of your favorite authors, like Clancy and Grisham.  She also likes to decorate cakes for special occasions.  Earlier in her life, she worked for a time at Bob’s Big Boy, and when she got a job selling encyclopedias, she was so impressed by the trainer that she married him!  They now have two grown sons and 4  2/3rds grandchildren as of May 2012.  And, even though kids like puzzles, Pat prefers to do big long-term puzzles alone, albeit with some help from her two cats.  She sews, and knows how to knit and crochet – hobbies it will be fun for her to share with her grandchildren in the future.  These days, however, they prefer to hear her tell stories that she makes up on the spot.  When it is time for a well-deserved vacation, her preference is a cruise.

Pat says it seems most people find her shy and slow to warm up, but once she does get comfortable, she can surprise others with how interactive she is.  Her co-workers described her in 23 different wonderful character traits that endear her to their team and earn their respect.  Beyond character, her skills at insight and organization have helped her be instrumental in moving OCC through a transition in forms and in implementing GWC’s patient appointment system.  In a comment from a recommendation, we read, “Pat is so dedicated that she came to work injured, got 7 staples for a laceration and finished her work day.  If we gave “purple hearts” she would earn one!”

Pat, thank you for your service to GWC, and congratulations on a job well done!