David Vasquez – Employee of the Month, March 2012

“Anyone who has worked with David [Vasquez] knows that nothing seems to outwardly rattle him.  Students and faculty who frantically call the Helpdesk for assistance, call David because they are experiencing software or hardware problems that they have been struggling with.  David handles these calls with extreme diplomacy and the best of student care.  He remains calm, pleasant, and empathetic.  His knowledge is second to none.  He guides the student/instructor through computer steps to resolve the caller’s problem – not from an instruction sheet, but amazingly from his head . . . and he never misses a beat.  In addition to solving a myriad of different types of problems, it’s the manner in which he provides help to those in need that makes him an ideal candidate for Employee of the Month.”

David Vasquez, is the quiet go-to guy who stays around until 7pm to handle online class issues for students and faculty.  He helps instructors with designing their websites, and serves as the Blackboard administrator for classes during the day as well.  The Online Instruction team plays a great game of ‘tag’ in supporting the campus, and David’s appreciation for his team members is matched by their respect for his knowledge, expertise, and patient determination he brings to the table.

Happy to work with either Mac or PC, David really enjoys teaching people new skills with computers and interacting with students and faculty.  David is the second youngest of nine children, born and raised in southern California, and has always enjoyed tinkering with hardware and software.  He recently began experimenting with game creation for the iPhone and has an interest in building and repairing electronic circuit boards.

One of the younger employees to distinguish himself as an Employee of the Month, David started his GWC employment in 2006 working the swap meet on weekends, while he ran a small computer repair business of his own for friends and referrals.  He attended Santa Ana College to complete an AA in Computer Information Systems and in 2008 when he noticed his current job posted on the Coast District site, applied when he felt he could do all that it required. And now, four years later, we are excited to honor him as Employee of the Month!

Congratulations, David.  An even-temper is a precious character trait and much appreciated by all the frustrated people you rescue day after day!