Wendy Lowenberg-Escobedo, R.N.

GWC Alumnus Wendy Lowenberg-Escobedo, RN

Life from the Heart – Golden West College nursing program created the foundation and paved the way for my journey as a Registered Nurse.  The nursing professors at Golden West College gave rise to instilling a commitment in me towards life-long learning and fed my desire to guide, nurture, teach, listen, comfort, and heal others. In addition, the Golden West College School of Nursing played a key role in creating a sense of confidence as I gained new knowledge and applied theory to practice. There were countless hours of lectures, practicum experience, and studying which were often very difficult and challenging; as it should be… real life nursing is that way.

I am humbled and extremely honored to be among such a prestigious group of other professionals as a recipient of the Golden West College Alumni Pillar of Achievement, especially the one who received this award back in 1993, my dad.