GWC student develops popular app



Original photo before mirroring and spinning

SPIN IT NOW is a great new app available at the Apple App Store that creates patterns using your own photos and artwork. The app  mirrors an image, and spins it into a unique design. You just select a photo from your iPhone’s camera roll, choose a mirrored style and spin it. The result is a image that can be saved, shared, and tiled. Spin photos just for fun (to see what it does to a picture of your cat!), or tile it in Photoshop for  a high resolution print quality image,  or use for digital media, fabric, wallpaper or framed art.

SPIN IT NOW was developed by Lena Van Rossem, a Computer Science student at Golden West College. Lena developed the app as a project in her iPhone App class and was encouraged by her instructors to get it on the App Store. After a lot of hard work and perseverance, the app was perfected and accepted by Apple. Lena was thrilled and amazed by her accomplishment.


Lena Van Rossem

Lena’s amazement was due to the fact that it had been 30 years since she had taken a class. She took computer programming courses in 1984 but quit school to raise a family. Now at age 51, and in need of a job, she chose to enroll in computer science classes again to gain the skills needed for employment. “Golden West College was the best choice for me. I freaked out my first day in class and wasn’t sure I was in the right place. But, my instructors Herb and Shin, put me at ease. After a few successes I gained my confidence, and I discovered that I loved programming.”

The idea for the app was inspired by her daughter’s tie dye art, and her encouragement kept Lena motivated.  SPIN IT NOW is selling worldwide and Lena has plans to develop more apps. She enthusiastically shared her new ideas and exclaimed, “I really think I could become a millionaire doing this!”