Ranim Hijazi graduates from GWC at age 17

Ranim with her brother

Seventeen Year Old Graduates from Golden West College

Ranim Hijazi was the youngest graduate at the 2011 graduation ceremony at Golden West College on May 26th.  In 2009, Ranim,  who attended Fountain Valley High School, passed the high school proficiency test, allowing her to skip both 11th and 12th grade.  While at GWC she was a member of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society and received academic scholarships.  She volunteered many hours in various community services as well as assisting with the GWC Gala and tutoring students in the subjects of math, science, Spanish, English, Social Studies, Quran, Islamic Studies, and Arabic.

Ranim is the first-born child in her family and stated that she has always been pushed to succeed. She is a Muslim Arab Palestinian American, born and raised in the United States and speaks both Arabic and English fluently. Growing up as a Muslim American has been a challenge for her at times but Ranim is very proud of her heritage and is proud to wear her Hijab.

This fall she will be attending  U.C.L.A. She says she has a million dreams including majoring in English, studying law, and becoming a lawyer to defend her beliefs.

Congratulations Ranim!