President Wes Bryan Addresses Local Business Leaders

On May 12, 2017, President Wes Bryan delivered the keynote presentation at the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce’s AM Connect breakfast meeting. His message focused on The Coming Job Wars, a book by Jim Clifton, President of Gallop.

Since 2005, Gallop has been polling the world to find out what matters most to people. Six years into their global data collection effort, they found the most searing, clarifying, helpful, and world-altering fact: WHAT THE WORLD WANTS IS A GOOD JOB. A good job is defined by the researchers as ‚Äúregular work for 30 hours or more. According to Clifton, “Good jobs are becoming the new currency for all world leaders because joblessness is the strongest driver of national hopelessness.”

President Bryan captured the attention of this room full of the city’s business owners and leaders as he explained how GWC plays a part in building employment. He highlighted GWC’s successful CTE programs, transfer rates, GWC student achievements, and support programs that help our students succeed. He shared the renderings of the new buildings and said, “We are building for the future, preparing students to meet the growing demands of our economy.” Throughout the talk, he emphasized the importance of community college and the partnerships that Golden West continually builds in the community.

The HB Business News highlighted Golden West College in their recent video:

Video provided by Matt Liffreing, HB Business News.