GWC’s New Criminal Justice Training Center Hosts Grand Opening Event

Golden West College hosted a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Criminal Justice Training Center on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018.  The larger and more modern 39,000 square foot regional training center features two stories of classrooms, auxiliary training rooms and labs, administrative offices and meeting spaces.  The complex also houses a Biddle Course where recruits are physically tested through five training events: A 6′ solid wall, a 6′ chain link fence, a 99-yard foot pursuit, 165-pound body drag, and a 500-yard sprint.  An impressive 5,600 sq. ft. Scenario Village is also housed in the complex, complete with structures that vary in size, shape, height, and purpose.  There’s also a Pullover Street that circles the Scenario Village, which will be used in vehicle pullover instruction.  GWC’s new training facility will further strengthen the college’s longstanding partnership with the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, and meaningfully enrich the police academy programs, semester courses and continuing professional training for working peace officers. Currently, over 200 officers are trained each year at the GWC Criminal Justice Training Center Police Academy and Special Investigators Academy.

Cypress Police Chief and GWC Alumni Rod Cox served as the master of ceremonies for the grand opening, with Police Academy Recruit Class #157 performing the Presentation of Colors. Featured speakers included Board of Trustee President, Mary Hornbuckle; Measure M Citizens Oversight Committee member, Carolyn Cavecche; Chancellor Dr. John Weispfenning; and GWC President, Wes Bryan.  Honorable Justice, William Bedsworth delivered the keynote speech. A reception and tours of the new facilities took place after the Ribbon Cutting ceremony.

Pictured in the above photo from L to R:

  • Lorraine Prinsky, Ph.D.  CCCD Board of Trustees Vice President
  • Jim Moreno, CCCD Board of Trustees Board Clerk
  • Mary L. Hornbuckle, CCCD Board of Trustees President
  • Andrew Dunn, CCCD Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administrative Services
  • John Weispfenning, Ph.D., Chancellor, Coast Community College District
  • Wes Bryan, President, Golden West College
  • Ron Lowenberg, Dean/Director, Regional Criminal Justice Training Center at Golden West College
  • Jerry Patterson, CCCD Board of Trustees Member
  • David A. Grant, CCCD Board of Trustees Member