GWC hosts 7th annual Peace Conference


by Bree Brydenthal, PM&B Club, ICC rep.

The energy was felt upon walking through the automatic, tinted doors. A steady buzz of quiet talking, tables filled with eclectic handmade trinkets, and a common feeling of excitement was held in the Student Activities Center on April 19th… it was the seventh annual Peace Conference. The event was commenced by Native Americans in traditional dress, performing for the crowd. Soon, many intelligent and noteworthy speakers filled the stage, each with different important ways that our world either needs peace, or is slowly on its way towards a violence free, conscientious earth. There were moments of great joy such as when Jack Shaw received the 2013 Peace Award for his relentless work in helping underprivileged students in Huntington Beach. However there were also moments that caused deep inward reflection, talks that caused one self to rethink the ways in which a daily life was lived, and how the seemingly simple choices made everyday have effects that occur worldwide for a lasting time. In accordance with the idea of a more sustainable future, the event used minimal paper advertising, kept the entire day zero-waste, and supplied delicious vegan food. Overall, the success of the conference was felt by everyone who was there that day- a feeling of light, love, and gratitude for another successful Peace Conference.