Achieving Our Goals

In September 2004, the college adopted a new seven year Master Plan. The summary document was entitled, “Pathways…our Guide for College Planning.” We are now at the halfway point and in the process of completing our third cycle of program review using this Plan. The Plan provided a framework for our successful re-accreditation and planning for our Measure C Projects, which are nearing the 65% mark of completion, with the final three story building (Learning Resources Center) under construction now.

Let’s check off what we have accomplished. It will make you proud.

Goal # 1 – College Planning

  • Completed Three Planning Documents – Master Plan, Facilities, Technology
  • Successfully linked Program Review process with Planning and Budget process

Goal # 2 – Enrollment Management

  • Updated college marketing to modernize the image, logo, and educational identity
  • Increased support for Outreach, Recruitment, and Community Services
  • Increase enrollment and success indicators by 1% per year

Goal # 3 – Student Achievement

  • Faculty identified Student Learning Outcomes for most courses and the Associate in Arts Degree. Now they are working on measuring methodologies
  • Student Services developed similar measures and completed one year of assessments

Goal # 4 – Student Support

  • Promoted and supported student participation and student government
  • Created Learning Communities – Honors, Puente, and Peace Studies
  • Increased Student Tutoring including Community Tutoring activities

Goal # 5 – Facilities – thanks to Measure C

  • Completed new Health Professions Building
  • Major renovation of Physical Education and Athletics – Aquatics Center, Locker, & Gym
  • Groundbreaking for new Learning Resources Building
  • Smart Classrooms – computer & projection system in every classroom

Goal # 6 – Campus Diversity

  • Increased the diversity of our workforce to respond to changing student demographics
  • Trained staff on new teaching strategies and modalities for new student learners
  • Completed annual assessments for disproportionate impact in enrollment patterns

Goal # 7 – Institutional Advancement

  • Celebrated college’s 40th Anniversary with community events
  • Increased scholarships and awards donated to GWC students

There is much on this list to celebrate; however, we know the task of continuous improvement is never ending. We endeavor to challenge both our students and ourselves to better our lives by improving our skills, engaging our minds in the pursuit of knowledge, and the enjoyment of the arts, while involving ourselves in service to others. Together –faculty, staff, students, and community members–must recommit annually to the improvement of our college.

Now we are initiating the revision of several college plans, because check boxes don’t mean we are finished. They simply mean we are able to choose our next important task. Our college motto says it all: Oceans of Opportunity. It helps to remind us that the future is full of possibilities, and effective planning positions us to take advantage of that next opportunity.